Rich Beautiful People Stick Together On Vacation



Naomi Campbell is such a good Samaritan. This whole pesky blood diamond-from-a-dictator business won’t stop trailing her around. And testifying is such a b***h. So what if she was hanging with ex-warlord Charles Taylor who allegedly recruited child soldiers, and abetted in the massacre of thousands? Of course she’d find it a terrible inconvenience to go testify at his trial at the Hague. She’s a supermodel…not a social worker.

After such a tiresome ¬†event, Naomi jetted back to her life of idle luxury with gazillionaire boyfriend Vladimir Doronin. The poor thing. The trauma she must’ve gone through! Still, the billionaires club they’re hanging out at in Porto Cervo (northern Sardinia) is just the balm she needs to soothe those frazzled nerves. Unfortunately, the “balm” ain’t doing anything to save Naomi’s hair.

And because she tends to bash people who aren’t as perfect at her, her company in Porto Cervo inhabit the highest echelons of stardom. Leonardo DiCaprio and supermodel girlfriend Bar Rafaeli are hanging on a yacht with Vlad and Nay-Nay. The foursome have also been hitting up clubs in Sardinia together. Who knew they were BFF? Well Leo and Naomi do have a Blood Diamond connection, but quite frankly, why anyone would want to hang out around her is now beyond us. Considering the harsh treatment she doles out to younger (prettier) models (hi, Jessica White), we wonder how long Bar is going to escape her trademark brand of crazy.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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