Snoop Dogg Gets Denied By True Blood


Snoop Dogg really wants to visit Bon Temps. And ’cause he’s the D.O.Double G, he’s not scared of no vampire. Not Bill in any case,  because he’s got a Stackhouse rap ready. Oh Sookie serenades with outstanding lyrics like, “I’m the dog that don’t bite, woof woof. Choose a player like me, do it in the daytime with the d-oh-double-g.” And in case Sookie gets her panties in a twist he adds, “…Bill won’t know a thing.”

Yep, Snoop’s got bitten bad by the True Blood bug. So much so that he’s pimpin’ himself out for a cameo. He even broadcasted it on MTV commenting, “I love that show. I wish I could be on it. I’d be a hell of a vampire, don’t you think? So what’s happenin’? True Blood, get at me – Snoop Dogg wants to be a vampire.”

Unfortunately, he’s been D to the Double E-nied, with Sam Trammell aka Sam Merlotte being the one to shatter his hopes. He revealed that Snoop’s not going to be on the show anytime soon saying, “Apparently Snoop has wanted to be on the show from the beginning, but I don’t think [creator] Alan Ball is going to let that happen. Having such a high-profile person appear in the show, I think it would take us all out of Bon Temps. [Alan] doesn’t need to cast Snoop Dogg to get people to watch.” Hey Snoop, you go in snooping for their women (he name checks Tara in his True Blood tribute track too)… they’re never going to let you in. Try another approach!

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