Careful What You Wish For, Blake Lively



Blake Lively is apparently tired of being on the small screen and has cast her sights on being a film actress. She’s well on her way, but there’s still that pesky Gossip Girl show she’s the star of standing in her way. A source says that she wants off so badly though that “Blake has asked producers to kill off her character.” To that, we have but one name for Blake, a name which serves as a warning to be careful what you wish for: Mischa. Barton.

Barton was in Blake’s exact same shoes a few years ago when she was the female star of The O.C. Her career was built around theĀ Josh Schwartz-produced television show that all the kids were watching, she had a blossoming film career, the whole nine, just like Lively. Once Marissa Cooper was killed in a fiery wreck off the Pacific Coast Highway though, that was a one-way-ticket to David Caruso-town. That’s the small hamlet where former TV stars go to pasture after the movie careers they thought they would have turn out to consist of crappy flicks better left unseen, like Jade. Barton’s had a tough time, what with her next series, The Beautiful Life, cancelled after just four episodes and a slim movie career. So Blake, we know you have the boobs and the gams this business requires, but please, reconsider your options at least until you have a few more movies lined up.

[Photos: Splash New Online/Getty Images]

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