Is Victoria Beckham Pregnant?


Australia’s Famous magazine is claiming that Victoria and David Beckham are expecting their fourth child, despite the fact that no other sources can confirm the news. We’re not so sure, considering the above photo was taken just one month ago, and Posh looks as rail-thin as ever, but anything is possible. Secretly, we wouldn’t mind if the news was true for the following reasons:

1. All the Beckham children are adorable, so another tiny one would just be precious.

2. Victoria and David actually seem to spend time with their kids. They even go to Jonas Brothers concerts with them!

3. If we’re to believe the rumors, the world will explode if the Beckhams don’t have  a daughter, so for the survival of humanity, we need this.

Of course there are also cons to another Baby Becks, the most important being the name. World, let’s agree to come together and employ the power of The Secret to will this couple not to name their next kid something as stupid as Brooklyn, Romeo or Cruz. Please, world. This is important.

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