Dina Lohan Blames Everyone But Herself For Lindsay’s Problems


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Dina Lohan appeared on The Today Show today and, true to Lohan form, she blamed the judge, the internet and everyone else for daughter Lindsay’s behavior and punishment. It was awk-ward! But our favorite line out of Dina’s mouth was “I’m not condoning drinking and driving, but she’s still paying the price for what she did in 2007.” Here’s something you should never have to say: “I’m not condoning drinking and driving, BUT…” The thing is, this is the first time Lindsay has actually had to pay for her 2007 DUI, because she skipped out on all those alcohol education classes that were her first punishment.

When Dina was asked whether she could have worked harder to prevent Lindsay’s downfall, she told Matt Lauer “You can’t make your child not go out and not get behind the wheel.” Um, YES YOU CAN. Sigh. She also claims that daughter Ali doesn’t have a website (except that, yes she does), that older son Michael just graduated college (we assume this is true), but still makes no mention of Cody. WHERE IS CODY? This woman is the pits, she really is. So gross. But she should be happy to know that Lindsay is reportedly getting out of rehab early and won’t have to spend the full 90 days in there. They say rehab is for quitters, but what does quitting rehab make you?

Dina says that once Lindsay has served out her rehab sentence, she plans to move back to the east coast. So get ready New York (and Carvel chains in particular!), the bitch is back.

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