Elisabeth Moss And Fred Armisen Split Up: If These Two Can’t Make It, Who Can?


Just 10 months into their marriage Mad Men star Elisabeth Moss and SNL performer Fred Armisen are getting ready to throw in the towel. In a development that shocked only Moss and Armisen’s grandmas, the couple apparently separated this spring, less than a year after they took vows in New York. While we wished both of them the best at the time, we would be lying if we didn’t say some small part of us was thinking, “Him? Her? Huh?”. A gorgeous young actress on a hit tv drama and a forty-something comedian whose characters can be collectively described as “unsettling” didn’t immediately scream soul mates to us. According to sources,“Fred and Elisabeth separated in May. Fred is currently in Portland, Ore. on the set of his new series Portlandia. Elisabeth is in LA focusing on her career and spending quiet time with friends.” We wonder if the fifteen-year age difference was a big factor, given that Armisen is 43 and Moss only 28. Though of course, just look at Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas. Those two are making it work. Or was it because Moss is a practicing Scientologist, and Armisen (as far as we can tell) is not? After all, just look at Tom Cruise and Ka…actually, no, don’t look at them. Please, do not look at them. We guess this explains why last year Elisabeth told reporters, “We just don’t disagree on anything. It’s weird.” They didn’t disagree because they didn’t actually talk; Armisen just sat there with his mouth open, unable to believe his luck, while Moss audited her engrams and tried to get into Operating Thetan Level III. Marriage: it sure is a lot of work!

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