Narnia Might Have Totally Ripped Off The Avatar Poster


At the movies the other day, I saw this poster for the third Narnia movie The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader [working title – Narn3a] and it struck me as awfully familiar looking. After racking my brain for a couple milliseconds to remember where I’d seen it before, I suddenly realized, “OH YEAH! The poster for the biggest movie of all time”:

First every movie tried to shoddily copy off Avatar’s 3-D, and now movies are blatantly ripping off its “Close Up On Character’s Right Eye” poster? This is a trend? Let’s just get it over with and replace Aslan with a giant Papyrus exclamation point. In the movie too, not just the poster.

(Two Avatar posts in one day? What is this, earlier in 2010??)

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