Fred Armisen Now Dating SNL’s Abby Elliot. No, Seriously, We Didn’t Believe It Either.


We guess it’s true what they say: age ain’t nothing but a number. Even if it’s a number that makes you very, very uncomfortable. Less than a week after news of his divorce from Elizabeth Moss hit the internet, SNL‘s Fred Armisen, 43, has moved on…and into the arms of his 23-year-old coworker. Armisen has recently been spotted around town with fellow SNL performer Abby Elliot, and according to sources, “Fred and Abby are getting to know each other in a romantic way and taking things very slowly but enjoying each other’s company.”

Well, color us flabbergasted. We were amazed enough at Armisen’s marriage to Moss; this relationship grants him official lothario status. He can now join David Spade as a leading member of the National Association of Inexplicably Lucky Men. Abby is also the daughter of actor Chris Elliot, who is only seven years older than Armisen and must feel great about the whole thing.

Reportedly, the two comedians have “known each other for a few years from being on SNL together but after the split, Fred sought comfort in Abby. They just started dating a few months ago.” A few months ago? Yikes, Armisen does not let grass grow under his feet, does he? There’s even gossip that Fred and Abby were spotted smooching during the most romantic movie imaginable, Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work, at the Landmark Theater in New York. All we have to say is, Armisen must have the best personality on the face of the planet. Oh, who are we kidding? Even that wouldn’t explain it. We suspect the dark arts.

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