Happy Birthday, Frances Bean! Your Mom Tweeted You A Gift!


Hoo boy. And we though our mom was embarrassing (Just kidding. Hi Mom!). In a move that should no longer seem bizarre to any of us, Courtney Love commemorated her daughter Frances’s 18th birthday the best way she knows how: via a five-hour-long social media meltdown. Most moms are content to send a thoughtful e-card; for Courtney Love Twitter is the only way to really say “I care…also, I have totally lost it.” Frances Bean’s birthday began on a positive enough note, with Love tweeting her kid well-wishes.

Unfortunately, the tweets soon devolved into posts such as “youve done a dammed good job frances of destroying anything i could build that is positive, and i want to know why now that your of age.” Lol, Mooooooom! Just what every girl wants when she matures into young womanhood: a wildly-misspelled 140-character accusation from her insane rock star mother. That and a Sephora gift card!

Many of the posts discuss Frances’s emancipation from Courtney in 2009, which provoked Love to pen such posts as, “i love you no matter what i just dont understand why youd write me such a letter and then de;lberately and knowingly rob me of any joy. why?” Frances, can you please finish eating that piece of cake and tell your mother why you’d rob her of any joy, please? Then we can all go get manis and unwrap your presents! We here at the FabLife wish Frances a happy, stress-free birthday. As for her mother, we wish Courtney will get the Twitter “fail whale” so she can give her fingers, and offspring, a rest.

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