Kellan Lutz Flies To Our House, Proposes, Jets Us Around The Globe



Oh, dreams. How sweet and torturous you are. For when we close our eyes you take us to the sweetest of places, like Kellan Lutz‘s king-size bed covered in organic cotton 5000-thread sheets, and we we wake we’re reminded we’re just sitting in an uncomfortable chair in a dark office oogling at a man who will never be ours. How rude! [High fives dream BFF Michelle Tanner.]

We never really lusted for Kellan until we chatted with him on the Eclipse red carpet and our “I wanna stalk you 4-life” urges spiked faster than you can say “biceps.” He’s charming, sweet, gracious and really has that “I’d bone the sh*t out of you and then cook you really delicious pancakes” vibe. Doth we drool too much?

Kellan recently tweeted that he’s traveling the world before shooting starts on Breaking Dawn, and from the looks of these pics of him at the airport he could be starting his trip this week.  Here’s hoping his first destination is in our pants.

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*This post brought to you by our 15-year-old libido.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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