Kings Of Leon Picky About How/When They Sell Out


According to, Kings of Leon turned down a request from Glee to use their songs:

Bassist Jared Followill said: “We got an offer to appear on an episode of Ugly Betty. They wanted us to play ourselves. We were supposed to come in and help her out with some problem or other.”

The band also confirmed they had rejected an offer from Glee, with Jared saying: “We could have sold out so much more. We turn stuff down constantly.”

Haaaaaaaaaa. That is a terrible defense of how much you sell out. “We could have sold out so much more.” I suppose shilling a line of clothing that includes £65 bandanas and having your songs used in a few car commercials is not selling out, whereas appearing on two TV shows with a (gay) sense of humor (some say) would be. This is exactly the type of quote that makes pigeons want to poop in Jared Followill’s mouth. Listen, lots of bands sell out. You’re very successful. You make a ton of money by selling out. So don’t say that you don’t sell out that much. Because you do and there’s no such thing as kinda sorta selling out. You do or you don’t. Own it. Own it like you probably own seven houses and a billion motorcycles each.

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