The Many Questionable Men Of Kat Von D



We would have questioned the sanity of any woman who touched – let alone dated – skeezeball supreme Jesse James after his very-public and very-appalling break-up with Sandra Bullock. What self-respecting woman would sign up for 99% guaranteed cheating and a maybe/maybe-not resolved Nazi fetish?! Ladies and gentlemen, Kat Von D.

Since 2007, LA Ink‘s tattooed vixen has had more than her fair share of men who are “rough” (i.e. heavily-inked, drunk, and maybe drugged) around the edges. We can tack banging bad boys onto Von D’s list of  habits she can’t break, right along side surgically narrowing her nose and lifting her eyebrows. (Take a closer look at Kat Von D’s plastic surgery blunder earlier this year.)

To help us all make sense of her latest romance with the most hated man in Hollywood, take a look at our photographic timeline of rumored, confirmed, and in-our-dreams hook-ups with everyone from Steve-O to Nikki Sixx to Kevin Jonas. [Photos: Getty Images]

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