Cleavage-Be-Gone: The Commercial


This product is not actually called Cleavage-Be-Gone, but it should be.  Instead it is called the Cami-Secret.

“All I want is to have my coworkers and this slutty sweater in the same room!  But how?!”

-The Woman In This Commercial

If this was before the internet and I was 15, I would stay up all night waiting for this commercial to air (in this hypothetical my parents don’t have premium cable).  Also I think that whatever the opposite of the Cami-Secret would be probably would make a more appealing product.

EXTRA: In case you were wondering what that woman from the commercial’s life is like, you can totally read her blog here.  Yeah, that’s right.  I put in the research.  That’s why they call me The Closer. (They don’t call me that and it wouldn’t even make sense if they did).

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