Dumb Insemination Movie Beaten At Box Office By Dumb Vampire Movie


So no one told you life was gonna be this way (clapclapclapclap), you’re job’s a joke, you’re not broke, but your love life is D.O.A.

Jennifer Aniston may not be on Friends anymore, but the theme song still rings two-thirds true this week since her movie, The Switch, flopped at the box office. The movie, about non-Thanksgiving uses for turkey basters and alternate forms of, uh, gravy, looks terrible, but what’s weird is that Vampires Suck, which looks even more terrible and for a while had a solid zero percent on Rotten Tomatoes (it’s now up to 5%), actually beat it to come in second place at the box office.

The Switch was also beaten by Nanny McPhee Returns. Guys, more people wanted to see Emma Thompson‘s snaggle tooth than Jennifer Aniston’s attempts at mothering. Ouch. The Expendables came in first place again.

We’ll say it once more: we have nothing against Aniston and we feel bad for her sometimes (until we remember she may not have a boyfriend but she probably does have a body pillow filled with hundred dollar bills), but this just ain’t her week. Between her liberal use of the R-word, her un-Photoshopped beach photos and her film flopping, she needs another trip to Mexico stat.

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