When A-List Stars Attack: Brad Pitt Suggests Death Penalty For BP Execs


Ah, a cup of coffee and a celebrity death-threat. Just the way we had hoped to start the week! When discussing BP’s responsibility for the oil spill in the Gulf, Brad Pitt declared, “I was never for the death penalty before.  But I am willing to look at it again.” Hoo boy! How we love it when A-list celebrities fly off the handle and start publicly plotting murder!

While we would have preferred an alcohol-fueled rant during the Academy Awards (fingers crossed for 2011!), Brad Pitt’s death penalty diatribe against BP instead comes as part of Spike Lee’s If God Is Willing and Da Creek Don’t Rise, the director’s new documentary about New Orleans and sequel to 2006’s When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts. Pitt and partner Angelina Jolie own a home in New Orleans, and Pitt even started a foundation to help rebuild homes following Hurricane Katrina. While Lee’s new documentary originally ended with the New Orleans Saints’ triumphant victory during the 2010 Super Bowl, the oil spill required Spike Lee to add almost an hour of footage to the film, including an ending with a decidedly less optimistic slant.

As much as we agree with Pitt’s sentiment, we can’t help but be surprised at how little thought he put behind it. Everyone knows the long-term effects of the oil spill are going to kill everyone anyway; why waste time and money sending BP executives to jail first?! Think, Brad Pitt, think! If God Is Willing premieres tonight on HBO with a finale that is now up-to-date, provided of course that New Orleans isn’t visited by any other disasters of biblical proportion before now and then. Which, sadly, is actually  a pretty big if.

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