Kanye Plans To Release One New Song Per Week Until Christmas, Never Sleep Again


In a move that suggests he should be featured on a very special episode of Divas Live, Kanye West has once again ripped the mic out of the music industry’s hand and shouted his genius in our collective faces. His latest project? G.O.O.D. Fridays, a project requiring that Kanye release a new song a week until Christmas.

Tweets His West-ness, “I know y’all need the music so I’m dropping 1 new song every weekend until Xmas.” Wow, and here we are, barely able to make sure we have enough clean underwear for the week. He tweets about staying up with collaborator Swizz Beatz: “Swizz looked at me the other night and said, ‘Man are you getting sleep?’ And I told him, ‘I can’t sleep … my people need this new music.'”

That’s Kanye West for you. He might not sleep, eat, maintain an acceptable level of hygiene, or recognize the difference between his waking or dream-life, but dang  if he is not prolific!

Luckily for Kanye’s sanity (and that of his Twitter followers), not all of the songs will be strictly Kanye originals. Explained West, “It may be my song, it may be a new Jay song, etc.” The G.O.O.D. songs he’s already released have include a Jay-Z remix of West’s “Power,” and West’s own Justin Bieber and Raekwon remix. We’re glad he’s giving himself at least something of a break. Put that kind of pressure on a man, and next thing you know Kanye’ll be wearing Louis Vuitton Kleenex boxes on his feet and storing jars of urine around the house. Unless he’s already doing that, in which case we say, let an artist work!

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