New York-Based Crazy Lady Supports New Jersey-Based Crazy Lady


It’s nice when like-minded people can form a relationship to support each other through tough times. But it’s hilarious when fellow crazy people who are generally reviled for their behavior applaud one another. Kelly Killoren Bensimon of The Real Housewives Of New York has been called crazy which, if you consider yourself a normal, rational person, is a pretty acceptable label. Danielle Staub of The Real Housewives Of New Jersey has also been called crazy, although her variation is more of the “sometimes-sex-tapey-or-lesbian-or-violent-or-all-three” kind.

You’d think the two women would clash because of their volatile ways, but actually, Bensimon has good things to say about Staub. In a recent interview, Bensimon defended her bridge-and-tunnel counterpart, saying “She was actually quite friendly. . .If Danielle gets her own spinoff, I think that’d be amazing for her. She makes for great TV. She’s out of the box and has no inhibitions. It’s not my place to say whether someone has issues or not. I will say she has a lot of fun with what she’s doing. I don’t know what her real life is like, but I honestly don’t think that she’s well matched  against the rest of that cast for that show. Still, she definitely is fun to watch. I love seeing her. She has no limitations and that’s great.”

Is that the polite way to describe what Danielle does? “No limitations”? That’s sweet. From now on, that’s how we’ll refer to people like Mel Gibson and Courtney Love and Charles Manson too. They’re not nuts, they just have no limitations.

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