A Frank And Open Discussion About The Oreo Hair Picture


Well… This image is on the internet this morning. Let’s talk about it for a little.

First, let me address the question you’re all asking. No, I don’t know what’s on the other side of her head. It might be plain black hair or it might be a photo-realistic replica of a Count Chocula ceral box. I don’t have the technology to rotate around this photo in three dimensions and find out. I’m not all the guys who aren’t Will Smith in Enemy of the State.

Secondly, I’m going to ask you to perhaps reconsider your immediate reaction, which I’m going to assume was one of  disgust. Yeah, that’s right. I don’t think you’re progressive minded enough to not immediately judge this woman. I know some of you are all like, “No way, I thought this was AWESOME!” Shut up. No you didn’t. You were being ironic sh*tty and doing that thing where instead of saying “I hate Lou Bega,” you say “I love rhythmic grooves of Mambo Number 5.” You know what I’m talking about and you were doing it.

So anyway, you’re a terrible person who was just “ironic,” and you judged this woman with Oreo hair. But what I want you to ask yourself is this: Isn’t it better than a tattoo? This can be undone. Tattoos cannot. I feel like we, as a culture, are much more accepting of a slightly awful tattoo than we are of a really ridiculous hair thing. Guys, let’s stop doing that. Let’s allow people to be as insane as they want to be with their hair with the understanding that it is not permanent. If we stopped being so snickery and superior about weird hair stuff, maybe people would be more likely to express themselves in this temporary way, and less likely to get terrible tattoos that will be with all of us until that person dies.

A general tolerance for weird Oreo Hair could potentially lead to fewer bad tattoos. This is my point. Try to counterpoint me. I dare you.

Thanks, The Daily What.

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