Former Purity Ring Wearer Kevin Jonas Claims Sex Is No Big Deal



Oh, Kevin Jonas, do you know anything about how to talk about women? Apparently not. Jonas seems to want to piss off his new wife Danielle from the sounds of a statement he made to Bliss Magazine recently while discussing their marital bed. Jonas talked about how he waited to have sex till he and Danielle were married, and unintentionally kinda dissed Danielle’s prowess in the sack, saying “Sex was not worth the wait. After we did it, I was kind of like, that’s it?”

Couple things, KevJo. Number one, just don’t even go there. It doesn’t matter if the interviewer is pushing you to go there, just don’t discuss your sex life. You’re still a Disney star after all, and your audience doesn’t need to know this stuff. We all know you are famous for your abstinence and, bless your heart, you and your brothers are better examples of it than ironic abstinence-spokes-teenage-mother Bristol Palin, but with that statement, you’re not actually helping your cause by being so blasé. But mostly, and we know you didn’t mean to, you just made your wife sound pretty bad in bed. No one who has ever had sex wants the response to their performance to be “That’s it?”. In Danielle’s defense though, maybe that purity ring desensitized him.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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