Indie Albums With Cats On The Cover: A Necessary List


Cats: People love them. Even if you don’t love cats necessarily in the flesh (fur) (ugh), there’s something about a cat that’s funny. Or pleasing. Listen, I don’t effing know. What I do know is that I have noticed many an indie rockin’ band use cats on their album covers as of late. So I decided to compile a list of said album covers and then, wouldn’t you know, someone beat me to it. Well played, Your Zoolander reference is almost as obscure as the list itself. So, the examples I thought of on my own are The Klaxons: Surfing the Void

Best Coast: Crazy For You

and Wavves: King of the Beach

And then someone far better at compiling cat indie album art lists swooped in and nailed it. Check out the full list here

Update: My friend Drew pointed out this creepy gem. Bonnie Prince Billy: More Revery

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