January Jones Slaps Some Sense Into Jason Sudeikis, Reveals He’s “Never Seen Me Naked”



Despite what you might have heard from blabbermouth Jason Sudeikis, January Jones insists that the SNL comedian has never seen her in her birthday suit. And he might have just blown his chance forever! Replied Jones to Jason’s claim on Lopez Tonight that he’s  seen her in the all-together: “He’s never seen me naked, nor will he after those comments”. Ouch, that’s a burn right there! Seriously though, Sudeikis needs to not get it twisted. If you are courting one of the hottest women on TV/America/the surface of the planet, you probably shouldn’t giggle like a seventh-grade boy with George Lopez about seeing her naked, especially on TV. It’s just a good rule of thumb.

The two are rumored to be dating, but January’s comments make us think  their romance might not be all heart-shaped hot tubs and pink champagne like we had hoped. Despite her verbal smack-down, however, the pair was spotted being extremely shmoodley with each other at the Emmys. Other comments also made it seem like January is fine with the nudity gossip, as she maintains, “I think he handled that question very well. He made a joke of it. What was he supposed to say?” Wait, so does that leave the door open for naked adventures in the future? Comedy nerds across the globe, including us, wait in breathless anticipation! At least we can be sure that whatever happens, George Lopez will be the first to know. [Photo: Getty Images]

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