Young Ryan Seacrest on 90210: Very Little Has Changed


No, this clip isn’t from a recently aired reunion special of 90210 wherein the gang gets back together after how ever many years (30 years? Has it been 30 years?). This is an old clip of Ryan Seacrest playing a Newlywed Game type of host on 90210 in the year 2000. The only reason you can tell it’s from the past is because of Tori Spelling’s hair and normal body mass. Other than that, this is irrefutable proof that Seacrest has been being Seacrest since aughty aught.

BOOM! He just sets up the jokes and the actors knock them OUT OF THE PARK! To quote Tenacious D, “That’s f*cking team work.” (That link right there is NSFW)

Via Gawker TV

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