Bethenny Frankel Says Goodbye To The Crazies


We knew this day would come, but now it’s official: Bethenny Frankel is leaving The Real Housewives Of New York. The woman already has her own spin-off (although, now that she’s married, what new title will they decide on? Bethenny Buying A Vacation House? Bethenny Is A Mommy? Bethenny Likes Question Marks?), so she doesn’t need the drama of the rest of these harpies.

Frankel decided to quit after season three, saying “Last season was scary and painful…It took all of the joy out of it.” Seriously. Even we felt creeped out after that trip to the Virgin Islands. You can cook us crab cakes any time, Bethenny, we won’t yell at you or push our food around on the plate!

Frankel is obligated to make appearances on at least a few shows during season four though, so we’re not totally rid of her. And if we learned anything from Heather Locklear, it’s that it’s much more intriguing to be a “very special guest” anyway.

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