Father Of The Millennium Michael Lohan Tries To Sell Lindsay’s Rehab Diary



Remember growing up how paranoid you were that your parents would read your diary and find out about your crush on Gambit from X-Men: The Animated Series (…just us, then)? Now imagine that actually happened, except instead of reading your diary your parents auctioned it off to the highest bidder, and also they are crazy.

That’s the situation Lindsay Lohan currently finds herself in as her father Michael attempts to sell some of her belongings for a quick buck, the most personal of which is a diary she kept while in a Utah rehab facility in 2007. Lindsay issued a cease and desist letter to her dad, calling his actions “shameful,” which is like calling the sky “blue” or water “wet.”

Lindsay’s rep Shawn Chapman Holley wrote the letter to Michael’s attorney Lisa Bloom, expressing how “appalled” his daughter was at such a “grave invasion of privacy.” Seriously though, someone needs to write down all the horrible things Michael Lohan has done and lock him in a room with them for a hundred years, because he is just not getting it. If it’s any conciliation, Lindsay, there’s not much that could be in that diary that would surprise us at this point. “Dear Diary: My dad is ruining my life. Also I love Adderall and drunk driving!” No duh, Lindsay. No duh. [Photo: WireImage]

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