The Room+The Monkees=More Coherent Than The Room


Mashups! Kids love ‘em! Kids also love the film The Room, which, if you don’t know, is the epitome of the so-bad-it’s-funny film. You can watch the trailer here. But, basically, it’s become this cult hit wherein there are screenings in actual theaters that sell out and people know all the lines and say certain things after certain lines and throw certain things at the screen. You know, kid stuff. It’s a communal movie going experience not unlike The Rocky Horror Picture Show. So it for sure warrants its own Monkees mashup called “The Roomies.”

Oh, hi, Mashup. (Inside The Room joke)

If you haven’t seen The Room yet, you probably should. At the very least so this mashup will make sense. But also for the LOL’s. Just know: You have to get through some pretty intensely uncomfortable sex scenes in the beginning. So don’t, like, watch it with your mom.

Via The Daily What

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