What Has Two Thumbs And Takes Shirtless Pictures? These Guys!



When we were a kid, our friend told us a joke that went “What sounds does the vinegar truck make when it crashes into the water truck?” Answer: “DOUCHE!” Ahh, fourth grade Summer’s Eve humor. But guys, we just realized who the drivers of those trucks were. Jared Leto and photographer Terry Richardson.

Richardson, the famous fashion photographer who recently shot the cast of Jersey Shore, just posted some pictures on his blog during a photo session with Jared Leto. We’ve never been huge fans of Leto, post-My So-Called Life, what with all his mohawks and guyliner, but by palling around with Richardson, who is known for his sexual misconduct, that just makes him creepy by association. Check out all the pictures from Terry’s blog below.

[Photos: Terry’s Diary]

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