The Shorter List: Cutest Celebrity Babies



Cuteness is a force that can be measured by the distance you’ll travel in order to pinch cheeks and speak in a high pitched voice. It’s a universal truth that all babies emit cuteness rays, but celebrity children cast their lovable web around total strangers all over the world. Is it their incredible living-doll wardrobe? The cuteness halo they throw over their already-extremely-cute parents, creating a photo-op of exponential adorability? It’s a mystery of science and nature. For the final Short List, the VH1 experts completed the circle of life by counting down the Ten Cutest Celebrity Babies. We decided to make a list of our own because, hey, who doesn’t want see more precious tots? Check out these “awww”-inspiring kids after the jump.

[Photo: Getty Images]

5. Honor Marie Warren


It’s incredible how soon celeb babies learn to play to the camera. Jessica Alba and Cash Warren’s little bundle Honor doesn’t take a bad picture! The first photo we ever took without Spaghetti-O’s smeared all over our face was on our first day of school. Grad school.

[Photo: Getty Images]

4. Jayden James and Sean Preston Federline


Don’t get us wrong, but we’re glad to see that Britney Spears’ boys dodged the Kevin Federline bullet and got their mother’s super cute looks. And we bet she puts on a killer show when singing them to sleep. We wish our lullabies had backup dancers and pyrotechnics!

[Photo: Getty Images]

3. Zuma Rossdale and…


Kingston Rossdale


At the age of four, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale’s son Kingston has more swag than we could ever hope to muster. Seriously, the kid’s a badass. And that’ll come in handy when schoolmates start picking on his little brother for having a name like “Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale”. Mark our words, these dudes are gonna be the next Wahlberg Brothers.

[Photo: Getty Images]

2. Matilda Ledger


Honestly, this apple-cheeked  puddle-jumper had us at the name ‘Matilda‘. And having Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams, the most adorable couple of all-time, as her parents didn’t hurt either.

[Photo: Getty Images]

1. Ava Jackman

ava_jackmanIf these shots of Ava Jackman hanging out with her dad Hugh don’t make you go “Awww”, then check your pulse because you must be legally dead.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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