Over-Sharer Hulk Hogan Tweets Hospital Stay


It takes a lot to get this dude down so this can’t be good. Hulk Hogan‘s in hospital after he was admitted for “excruciating back pain.” He’s had plenty of surgery on his back over the years, probably due to his wrestling career and it looks like this bout’s following the same route. Apparently the Hulk had discomfort in his back over the last few days until yesterday, when he found he couldn’t get out of bed. Luckily his girlfriend was around and she called the ambulance. He’s still in hospital going through tests.

This is the Hulk though, so you can’t expect him to stay down. Hulk posted a bunch of videos from his room, where he wrote on TwitVid: “Emergency at morton plant hospital, hung on as long as I could. back is totally spazzing out. time to heal. HH.”

Hulk’s also been tweeting up a storm, which generally means he’ll be better real soon. Get well, brother

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