Michaele Salahi Takes Her Fame Whoring To A Whole New Level


There are some “reality” stars that  have clearly spent way too much time trying to stay famous and will do anything to remain in the public eye. (Oh, hello Vienna Girardi, I didn’t see you there.) The worst of the lot, in our opinion, would have to be the Salahis. They’ve parlayed their White House party crashing incident into a spot on The Real Housewives of D.C., and PR fight with Whoopi Goldberg and now, probably most horrifying of all, a fully nude spread in Playboy magazine.

Of course, not Tareq Salahi. He’s not invited to this party (not that that would stop him), Playboy will just be featuring his wife Michaele Salahi in what TMZ calls “full-frontal, birthday suit naked.” Shudder. And not shudder because she’s unattractive or anything, just shudder at the idea of giving this woman any more over-exposure, which she clearly seeks. It worries us that the “crazy one” on the Real Housewives keeps on getting crazier – makes us worry what’s going to happen on the Beverly Hills installment: there’s going to have to be some serious one-upmanship going on to join the Kelly-Danielle-Michaele club.

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