Miley’s Mom Legally Changes Her Name; Majority Continue To Call Her Miley’s Mom


If you’re going to model your life after somebody, you could do worse than to pick a pop superstar. If that pop star happens to be your daughter, well, even better. Miley Cyrus’s mom Tish Cyrus is about to follow in her little girl’s footsteps and getting her name legally changed…to her nickname.

Last week Mama Cyrus applied to have her first name officially changed  from Leticia to Tish, a moniker she’s been called “for as long as she can remember.” Miley famously changed her name from Destiny Hope Cyrus in 2008, adopting her nickname after having her cheeks pinched for years for being so “smiley”.

While this is America, home of the free, and as such Tish Cyrus can do whatever she wants with her life, we do find it a little weird that the elder Cyrus would bother to legally swap her name for a shorter form of the same one. It’s like being named William and going to court to have your license say Bill; why even bother? Besides, when you’re related to a millionaire, most people probably just end up calling you “Ma’am” or  “Your Highness” anyway. At least, that’s what we will make people call us when our kids are indentured to Disney (fingers crossed!)

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