In Which Your Parents’ Fave Thing And Your Fave Thing Become One



This. We just could not resist. It’s bad enough that Troll #1 and Troll #2 are in faux-fur boots in the middle of a September heat wave, but the fact that three of Jersey Shore‘s finest Jagermeister shot guzzlers somehow managed to mimic The Beatles’ iconic Abbey Road album cover just goes to show what a bunch of idiot savants they truly are.

So what if Snooki can’t answer a duck phone, she does brilliant sh*t like this without even trying. It’s almost as if Lennon and McCartney were predicting the future when they wrote, “I never give you my number, I only give you my situation.” A very inebriated and tan future. The only question now is what we call this photo montage: Jersey Road or Abbey Shore?

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