The Most Passionate Batman And Robin Soundtrack Review You Will Ever See


A friend of mine with a keen sense of things I deeply love just sent me this Amazon customer review of the Batman And Robin soundtrack (and when I say “friend,” I actually mean it, I swear I wasn’t randomly looking to buy the Batman And Robin soundtrack. Crap, now I sound more defensive. Also my friend is impotent. This is getting worse. Gonna get out of these parenthesis asap..)

Here is the most passionate, enthusiastic, and comprehensive endorsement of the Batman And Robin movie soundtrack I have ever seen, written in 2005, a lean eight years after the movie came out.

You can READ the REVIEW after the JUMP. Spoiler – The phrase “heartbreaking meditations on the human condition” comes up in this review of the Batman And Robin movie soundtrack:

Ok, though, enough loving this review LOL. He makes an awfully compelling case — for some reason, snooty and misinformed American critics just never fully appreciate dialogue like this. Buncha AMERICAN IDIOTS.

(via Matt Little)

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