Lourdes Leon Starts High School, We Feel Old



Thirteen years ago when Madonna announced that she was knocked up with some personal trainer’s baby, we thought, that is going to be the world’s most famous kid and that’s going to be one rough life. We’re happy to say we were totally wrong. Lourdes Leon seems to be one well-adjusted teen, and just like most other teens in America, she started her first day of high school yesterday, at New York’s La Guardia High School of Music, Art And Performing Arts. (Otherwise known as the school that Fame was based on.)

La Guardia is a public school, which, coupled with the fact that Madonna still rides the subway in New York means that really and truly, these stars are just like us. Except for the net worth of like a billion dollars. But still!¬†Lourdes will be focusing her studies in the drama department, where she will not be studying her mother’s famous turns in Who’s That Girl? and Body of Evidence as examples of fine thespian work.

Can we just take a moment to say how old this makes us feel that we remember when those photos of Lourdes as a baby came out in Vanity Fair? And now that adorable baby has a blog, braces, a fashion line and will eventually be auditioning for the fall production of Fiddler on the Roof. Where did the time go?

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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