T.I. Being Bumped As Axe Spokesperson Goes Against Everything We Know About Axe



Good thing Axe already has a Vice body spray; now they won’t have to create a brand new one  to commemorate T.I.’s jail sentence. Heyo! According to a company rep, T.I.’s Axe spokesman gig is in serious jeopardy following the rapper’s arrest for drug possession last week. Apparently Axe is “troubled by [T.I.’s] arrest” and that they are “reviewing our promotional activities” with him for future advertisements. Considering Axe has a warning on its website against people  huffing or igniting their body spray, we doubt many of its wearers dropped their monocles in their brandy snifters when they found out T.I. was holding.

T.I. famously  served jail time on federal gun charges last year and is currently still on probation; the prior conviction might help send him back to prison if these new charges stick. So, if someone didn’t want to buy deodorant that helps fund a life of crime, they should have switched to Old Spice years ago. Seriously, it’s not like T.I. is selling baby food here (Don’t get any ideas, Axe!).

[Photo: GettyImages]

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