Justin Bieber Soaks State Trooper In Water Balloon Attack, Is Officially Above The Law


We always knew this day would come: Justin Bieber has discovered he can control the police.  At a recent performance at the Maryland State Fair, Justin Bieber water ballooned a state trooper in the crotch …and got away with it!  Sources say Justin was gleefully chucking balloons at people backstage, eventually hitting an officer working crowd management, who did not take kindly to the joke. While the rest of us would be immediately slammed onto the hood of a cop car and hand-cuffed, Bieber instead scampered into his trailer and let his bodyguard talk down the angry, damp trooper.

A rep for the state police commented on Justin’s actions on Sunday, describing the pants-soaking prank as “inappropriate”, but not a serious enough incident to merit writing Bieber up. We just have to remember that Justin is a bratty teen, and is undoubtedly going to make dumb mistakes. Oh, and he’s a millionaire, so he can probably get away with water ballooning all of us if he wanted to. Either way, it’s good Justin didn’t get arrested; there’s not enough time to re-choreograph his VMA performance, and those cells are so tiny. 

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