The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Won’t Let The Situation Be Great



We never really thought how much we hate big government, but that was before we realized how much it negatively affects The Situation! Despite his eminent world domination, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office apparently will not let The Situation trademark his nickname. Where is that in the constitution? O my god, The Constitution…quick, back to the trademark office!

So who is the “Situation” that actually owns the rights to the title? A retailer in Memphis. Hmm, a juice-head with 3.5 minutes of fame left vs. an undoubtedly classy clothing line in Tennessee: which of these two deserves to be known by the one true name? They should have some sort of contest to see who gets to use the moniker. Like, oh we don’t know, maybe some kind of hot abs competition? Wait, you’re saying those guys have even hotter abs than him? Sorry Sitch, you can’t fight city hall. [Photo: Getty Images]

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