Mario Lopez On Childbirth: “It Was Like A CSI Episode”


Pregnant women everywhere cringed and crossed their legs today as Mario Lopez described the birth of his brand-new baby girl Gia Francesca Lopez as being like a police procedural.  Describing the delivery of his new baby, Mario Lopez explained, “I peeked over too much … you don’t want to do that ’cause there was a lot going on right there.” A-a-a-a-and we are suddenly light-headed.

Says Lopez ,”It was like a CSI episode. So I went back and this beautiful baby girl came out.”  Maybe Mario is just referring to the end of a CSI episode, where the crime is solved and everyone is filled with a hard-earned but satisfying sense of justice. Maybe? Please?

Lopez almost missed the birth of baby Gia, at first thinking girlfriend Courney Mazza was just pulling his leg when she called to tell him she was in labor. “I thought it was a practical joke,” explained Mario. “Then my mom and sister started blowing up my phone and telling me it’s really happening. There was one flight left and we barely made it!” Apparently over his initial shock, Lopez is swooning over his new daughter, exclaiming, “She’s precious … I just want to go and stare at her.” For those of us eager to stare at Mario, he and Courtney will be starring in their own VH1 reality show, set to premiere some time this fall.

Congratulations to the happy couple and the new little  Lopez! Now excuse us while we put our heads between our legs for a while and try not to pass out.

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