The Magical Day Teri Hatcher Wore A Wet Suit


Friends, while we were all marveling at the boniness of Taylor Swift‘s bare feet last night, Teri Hatcher was busy in the seas swimming like a delicate dolphin in a wet suit, leaving us to ask, “how could we miss this glorious moment?!” Yes, ol’ Ter-dawg competed in the Malibu Triathlon this weekend to raise money for Los Angeles Children’s Hospital, which is good and awesome and decent of her.

We celebrate any time a celebrate looks like than perfect, especially when it’s for a good cause. You know most of the celebs we cover wouldn’t be caught dead in a wet suit (er, except apparently), so we trust this means Teri’s heart actually still beats real blood and that she might even – gasp! – feel things. Bravo, Teri. You just moved up a notch on the ‘Celebs We Never Expect To Love But Totes Do’ list.

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