Ashley Greene: Fashion Win At Donna Karan



This weekend we got a lot of slack on Twitter for not loving Ashley Greene‘s VMA outfit. We even were told to “sit down,” which is easy for us to do because we sit on our asses all day blogging and eating Wheat Thins. But yeah, point taken. Thus we thought this would be a good time to clarify our deep, invested feelings about Ashley’s fashion picks. Ready?

We LOVE her casual look. She does the beautiful regular girl thing so well, with her collection of skinny jeans and ballet flats and flowy tops. She looks effortless, and it’s impossible to tell if she’s wearing make up or not because her face is all sorts of flawless. But sometimes her red carpet looks fall a bit flat to us, like at last year’s VMAS, for example. Other times, we gush over them; her Eclipse premiere dress still makes us melt with envy. Does this mean we “hate” Ashley Greene? No. We don’t know her. We’re bloggers. We hope Joe Jonas is kissing the sh*t out of those pretty lips and makin’ her happy. All hail Queen Greene.

But we did want to take this time to gush about a recent Ash outfit that we LOVE. Girlfriend is back in NYC for Fashion Week, and popped up at Donna Karan in this sea-green number. We love the loose look – she can totally pull it off because you know there’s a tiny bod of steel (see Ashley in a bikini!) underneath. The side ponytail, clean make up and understated (but just enough) jewels compliment the look enough without over-saturating it, leaving room for THOSE SHOES. Oh, do we just love a statement shoe.

This is the high glam Ashley we love! A bit risky, a lot of color, yet still simple and classy. Now the real question is – do you also dig this outfit or are we gonna disagree on Ash Fashion forever? Flame us in the comments!

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