Leo DiCaprio Drops Cash On Exotic Pet, Starts Living Like The Crazy Rich Person He Is



In every celebrity’s life, there comes a time when he or she gets tired of fine dining and gigantic penthouses, and finally starts acting like the crazy rich person they are deep inside. Usually mild-mannered and discreet Leonardo DiCaprio is simply the latest actor to embrace his inner diva and started dropping bank on insane items…like exotic pets.

Not happy just to date Bar Rafaeli, cruise around in yachts and own the best Lakers seats known to man, recently Leo DiCaprio bought a $400 tortoise while hanging out with Inception costar Lukas Haas, who we hope wasn’t pressured into getting one of his own, because he is not making that tortoise money just yet.

Leo picked out a 10-year-old Sulcate tortoise, which will grow to approximately 200 lbs and live for 70 years. Who would buy a gigantic, bizarre pet that their grandchildren will have to take care of? Oh right, a movie star. Ugh, and now the North American Reptile Breeders Conference and Trade Show is going to become so Hollywood. We can only pray DiCaprio goes totally off the deep-end with this and starts dragging that thing around Hollywood, having it star in films while his hanger-ons refrain from telling him the tortoise can’t act. You know, sort of like Christina Aguilera. [Photo: Getty Images]

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