Michelle “Bombshell” McGee Regrets Racist And Nazi Tattoos, Most Other Life Choices



Just because you cover yourself in white power and/or Nazi tattoos, that doesn’t make you a racist you guys. Or at least in the mind of Michelle “Bombshell” McGee it doesn’t.  We think some tattoo ink may have seeped into her brain, though, because apparently Michelle McGee denies being a racist, despite the (permanent) evidence otherwise.

“Am I a racist? Absolutely not,” McGee claims in an interview, saying her WP (meaning white pride) tattoo is “something that I did in my late teens. Another huge, huge mistake that I deeply, deeply regret.” Right, in your late teens…when you were a racist. We might not be Sherlock Holmes here, Michelle, but we are putting the pieces together.

McGee also cops to having a swastika (now covered up) on her nether regions, which she describes as “Another stupid tattoo that I put on my body but unfortunately we all make mistakes.” Yeah, but most of us make mistakes like making our car payments late, not getting the emblem of pure evil inscribed right above our woo-hoos.

Michelle blames her small-town upbringing for instilling her with a whole slew of prejudices, all of which she claims to no longer have. Wasn’t McGee raised Amish? We guess being raised Nazi Amish would mess someone up so bad they would date Jesse James, but something tells us we aren’t getting the real story. If it’s genuine, we appreciate the fact that McGee can admit how totally morally bankrupt her body art is. In all likelihood, however,  girlfriend is probably just trying to make her name mean something other than “Sandra Bullock’s worst enemy, now with extra hate”. Either way, McGee has a long way to go to change our minds, and even more laser tattoo removal to pay for. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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