Kim Kardashian Buys A Purse Worth More Than Your Life



We hope you enjoyed the Top Ramen you ate at your desk for lunch, because it’s going to come right back up when you read about Kim Kardashian’s new $30,000 purse. That is not a typo; that’s a travesty. Apparently Kim Kardashian and mama Kris stopped by the Paris Hermes store to drop an obscene amount of dough on “an extremely rare crocodile-skin bag.” Or so the Hermes employees told them while discreetly ripping off the T.J.Maxx price tag tag.

The Kardashians didn’t stop at one bag, however. They also went on to buy six of the store’s signature “Birkin” bags, bringing the grand tote total up around the $100,000 mark. Whereas we carry our stuff in one of those eco-bags you buy at the check-out line at Target for a dollar. If we were a Kardashian, we could have 100,000 of them!

We know we were just giggling yesterday about Leo DiCaprio buying an expensive tortoise, but dang. The difference between a pricey pet and a purse that has the same annual income as the average American is pretty extreme. Besides, we all know that purse is going to end up squished under five pairs of salt-stained Uggs in the back of Kim’s closet, or Kylie Jenner is going to spill Sprite on it at a middle school dance. [Photo: Getty Images]

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