Lindsay Lohan And Sam Ronson: We’re Doing This Again, Really?



Only a month out of rehab and Lindsay Lohan already has a baby-stroller-proof Maserati, a hit Mexploitation movie in theaters and, according to sources, one new old girlfriend. According to a source, former flames Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson are back together and closer than a Scram anklet on a freckled leg.  Says a friend of Lohan, “Lindsay and Sam started speaking as soon as Lindsay got out of rehab. They text constantly. It turned into something more, and they’ve secretly hooked up.” Oh, chicas, we don’t know about this. It sounds like you are both playing with fire(crotch).

La Lohan and Sam were always our favorite couple that weigh 130lbs combined, and it was beyond sweet when Ronson visited Lohan in jail. However, given the epic history of drink-hurling, punch-throwing and general dramatics their relationship produced, we have to politely suggest these two move on. But the source claims, “Lindsay’s crazy past behavior was the reason Sam ended things. But if Lindsay continues to do well, then it will be officially back on between them. At the end of the day, Sam still loves her.” One thing’s for sure: if these ladies start bumping uglies again for real, it’ll be all over Twitter the millisecond it happens. [Photo: Getty Images]

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