Tiger Woods Denies World Naked Rachel Uchitel



Thanks a lot, Tiger Woods. The golfing creeper has once again gone and ruined EVERYTHING (er, we’re exaggerating a bit, but still) but stopping ex-mistress Rachel Uchitel‘s planned Playboy spread. First the guy shatters the illusion that all pro-athletes are G-rated family men and now he’s ruining the fantasies of guys with club promoter fetishes. How rude.

Tiger supposedly but the kibosh on Rachel’s T&A pics by threatening to end the multi-million dollar settlement he currently forks over to her. She was set to make around $300,000 from the photos, so really that’s like comparing diamonds to gravel, in money-gemology terms. The mag apparently wanted Rachel to discuss her relationship with Tiger, who got his lawyers all over that situation faster than you can say Elin Nordegren.

Says a completely trustworthy anonymous source, “The magazine wanted to mention Rachel’s relationship with Tiger, but it would have jeopardized the deal she already made with him. They refused to give her complete control of the cover so she could make sure Tiger wasn’t mentioned.”

So there you have it people! Further proof that Tiger Woods loves ruining everything for everyone. At least VH1 is here to help – you can watch Rachel on Celebrity Rehab starting October 13.

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