Like Mother, Like Daughter: Heidi’s Mom Joins The Overshare Parade


And you think your parents are embarrassing. Heidi Montag’s mom Darlene Egelhoff has a new self-help blog…and she has a lot to say about her terrible relationship with her daughter. Amid posts on high school volleyball games and Colorado corn soup, Heidi Montag’s mother’s blog Metamorphosis of a Mother includes tidbits like, “I always end up in the same place; my precious baby girl cut me out of her life completely, the ultimate pain. The one thing I don’t know if I can survive.” MOOOOOOOOOOM!

Egelhoff has had a notoriously rocky relationship with her daughter, stemming primarily from Heidi’s marriage to human fail Spencer Pratt. Says Egelhoff, “God knows my motives were from the heart and out of desperation to save her from what I felt was a destructive, dangerous path being influenced by people who were profiting and benefitting from her.” At one point things got so bad Speidi even called the police on Darlene, all because she gently pointed out that her daughter’s plastic surgery left her looking like Eric Stoltz in Mask.

Now, we don’t begrudge anyone their own personal blog; that’s how we met all our dear friends in Rikers! However, once your daughter has become famous for desperately wanting to be famous, we think it’s  best to keep your thoughts off the internet. Save it for the vision board, Darlene.

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