Less Clothes On Jake Gyllenhaal Please



This new Love & Other Drugs poster makes us want to do bad, bad things to Jake Gyllenhaal. Well, we’ve always wanted to do bad, bad things to Jake G. but this poster ups the ante on our Gyllenhormones. Is he going to spend the whole movie (un)clothed like that? ‘Cause if he is please lead us to the early line – we’re gonna be camping for tickets.

We also totally love the fact that this movie is based on a memoir called “Hard Sell: The Evolution of a Viagra Salesman” written by Jamie Reidy. ‘Cause that way, when the movie gets too sappy, which it’s going to, it’ll give us a giggle. It’s a twist (isn’t it always) on the boy meet girl-they fall in love plot. Jakey’s a ladykiller pharmaceutical sales dude. Who meets his match in the sexy, loopy Anne Hathaway. They skirt around each other doing the whole “This isn’t serious” dance, until tadah … they realize they’re in love.

Also, before we forget, we’d like to officially make some complaints about this poster. Firstly, get Anne off him and off that bed, stat. That’s supposed to be us. Secondly, WTF is that cushion-duvet hybrid about? Whoever covered him up, do us a favor, and don’t do your job so well.

[Photo via Just Jared]

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