DJ Pauly D’s Halloween Costume? DJ Pauly D, Of Course


Remember how annoying it was last Halloween when like nine Lady Gagas ran around your party singing “Poker Face”? Well, this Halloween, say bye-bye to Gaga and hello to guidos. Yes, that’s right, all the cool kids creatively-challenged sheep will be decked out in their chintziest Jersey Shore wares a few weekends from now. It’s hard to believe, but at this time last year, no one knew the difference between a Snooki and a Situation, let alone a DJ Pauly D, so naturally they’re going to be this year’s big costume. (Side Note: Dear NBC Today Show producers, if you’re reading this, please please PLEASE don’t dress up Matt and Meredith and the gang as the Jersey Shore cast).

In fact, Jersey Shore costumes are SO popular that even DJ Pauly D is planning on going as DJ Pauly D for Halloween. In this vid he posted to his YouTube account, he tries on the Pauly D costume that thousands of jabronis will be wearing come October 31. The verdict? As much as we love Pauly D here at Best Week Ever, we think he’d be better off going as a Slutty Cookie Monster.

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