Goop-y Gwyneth Paltrow On Glee


This is still in talks, but our juju tells us it’s most likely, going to happen. Fo’ reals. Gwyneth Paltrow is negotiating a guest-spot on Glee. How are we supposed to react to this? We’re not quite sure yet, so why don’t you tell us. But before you sound off, here are the facts.

Gwynnie, as she does in her new movie Country Strong, will go the whole hog. She’ll sing. She’ll dance. She’ll sign everyone up for Goop, while cooking healthy macrobiotic snacks. (That last bit is ours, clearly, but given half a chance, that’s totes what she’d do! ) We can hear all you Gleeks muttering under your breath already, pondering, “When? Why? What?”

‘When’ is Glee’s second season which kickstarts right about now. ‘Why’ is because her royal Goopness and Glee creator, Ryan Murphy, are tight. And we’re scared to tell you about the ‘What’. Just remember, don’t shoot the messenger, okay? We’re just reporting, and not responsible for this casting coup… or catastrophe, depending on what side of the couch you’re on. The dish is that G.P is potentially being cast in a two-episode role as a kinda-sorta love interested for Mr Schue aka Matthew Morrison. But, but, but… what about Emma? Gah!

The story being discussed is that substitute teacher Gwyneth steps in when Mr Schuester gets sick. She’s lovable (and hot), and helps the Glee club when Mr Schue is down. And when he gets back up, let’s just say he’s thinking up some major love ballads for her.

But what about EMMA!

We don’t know yet, but if the deal comes through, they’ll start shooting the episodes in two weeks. Which leaves Gwyneth just enough time to go on a yoga-mastercleanse-Eastern alternative healing boot camp!

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