Playboy Offers J-Woww $400,000 To Let The Girls Breathe



Every time a Jersey Shore member makes a hundred grand, an angel loses his wing. We apologize to the angels hurdling towards earth today after Playboy offered Jersey Shore star J-Woww $400,000 to pose nude for their magazine. Let’s see, nearly half a mill minus the $700 she spent on those implants…this woman is an economic genius! J-Woww aka Jeni Farley always did strike us (sometimes physically) as the secret brains of the JS operation. She’s frugal, never wasting more than 4 inches of fabric per shirt, and intelligent enough to know that we will stay tuned if there is even the slightest chance she will punch Angelina in the head. And despite her party girl life style, J-Woww has never shown the goods in front of a camera before. She was just waiting…waiting…for the exact right moment to unleash them.

J-Woww officially entered the Boner Zone-r after posing for Maxim this past summer, leaving a big market of JS fans who would like to know what the girls look like when they’re let out to breathe. Of course J-Woww wouldn’t be the first D-lister who rocketed up to the C-list by showing a little skin for Playboy, Heidi Montag and Kim Kardashian being the most prominent. We say, get that money girl. Get that money and use it to buy something nice for yourself, like a pre-ripped top, or some ice for  those knuckles. [Photo: Getty Images]

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