The Salahis’ 15 Minutes Of Fame Might Be Over – Yay!


From the first moment we heard of the White House party crashers, we were sick of them. Michaele and Tareq Salahi‘s ploys for attention have come off more like cries for help, and it was only made worse when they were given a platform for their fake fame when they were cast on The Real Housewives of D.C. The number of times we’ve questioned the couple’s truth-telling abilities have been numerous and we’re just so tired of them. Thankfully, Bravo seems tired of the Salahis too, and they have chosen not to renew the couple’s contract for the next season of RHODC.

It hasn’t actually been confirmed whether or not there will even be a second season of the series, but either way, it means we won’t be seeing these clowns on our TV anymore. (God forbid they pull a Project Runway and find a new home on Lifetime!) A source explains that Half Yard Productions and Bravo are currently looking for a “bitchy replacement” for Michaele should the series continue. We’re not opposed to these reality shows having villainous characters, but these two seem unstable. Heck, even Tim Gunn thinks they’re sociopaths. May they find peace in obscurity, only to be rediscovered when VH1 does a future episode of I Love The 00’s.

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